Street Artists Edition: Shinichiro Inui, 'Bonsai', 2020
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Street Artists Edition: Shinichiro Inui, 'Bonsai', 2020

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Artist: Shinichiro Inui

Title: Bonsai

Size: 73cm x 91cm

Media: Acrylic and Mixed Media on Canvas

Year: 2020


'Pinky Donut', 'Chocolate Ring' and 'Old Fashion', these are just a few works of contemporary artist, Shinichiro Inui. Hailing from Osaka, Japan, Inui makes full use of a wide range of materials and techniques as he probes the issues of social networking problems in contemporary society and problems with consumeristic fashion and art.


Shinichiro Inui's fashion label, 'guernika', brings on a whole new introduction to wearable art. His range of bags, jackets, coats, t-shirts and more, are never two the same. Each hand-painted piece is a creation that fuses art with fashion.




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