No. 1 Mao Zifei Original Chinese Horse Ink Painting (Framed)
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No. 1 Mao Zifei Original Chinese Horse Ink Painting (Framed)

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Artist: Mao Zifei
Dimensions: 132 x 67cm
Media: Ink on paper
Framed, signed

Born on August 29, 1965, Chinese artist Mao Zifei is a devotee of his craft of the highest order. For more than 30 years he has forged a signature style steeped in his roots growing up in Changchun, Jilin, where he graduated from the Changchun Academy. Fusing painting and calligraphy with images and influences of cavalry and the grandeur of horses, his inimitable technique is nevertheless a self-realized one, especially since he has begun painting from the tender age of 8. From his acute (and repetitive) observations of rodeos and their magnificent form and aura through continuous drawing and sketching (and even photographing), Mao's work is rigorous and quietly majestic, underscoring the currents and movements of horses with his effortless use of lines and strokes that draw on both traditional and modern painting techniques. The works heave with their very own life force, much akin to the subjects that they portray, of god's beautiful creatures running wild and free, forging their individual terrain, away from the tremors of everyday life.



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