14K Gold, Pyrite & Coloured Metal Bespoke Earrings by Pate Eng
14K Gold, Pyrite & Coloured Metal Bespoke Earrings by Pate Eng
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14K Gold, Pyrite & Coloured Metal Bespoke Earrings by Pate Eng

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Designer: Pate Eng

Materials: Pyrite, Coloured Beads, 14K Gold Wire

Height: 8.7cm

Unique Pair, Only One Available

Singapore-born, New York-based photographer Pate Eng might have been shooting fashion in the Big Apple for the last 13 years – he is also the senior photographer for Ralph Lauren and has published a number of books as well – but now he’s creating colourful artwork to adorn women’s ears and giving 10 per cent of his profit to two women’s charities.

According to Pate, “no two pairs [of earrings] will ever be the same … If a pair of earrings has been sold, a similarly designed pair can be custom made according to the colours specified. You will not get an exact replica.”

These delicate designs are also extremely light to wear says Pate, “All the earrings will be light in weight, as this is one of my principal requirements [when designing].”

- Herworld.com


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