(Late) Anthony David Lee, Original Oil Painting, ‘Ferrari A’, 2009
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(Late) Anthony David Lee, Original Oil Painting, ‘Ferrari A’, 2009

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Artist: Anthony David Lee

Title: Ferrari A

Year: 2009

Media: Oil on Canvas

Dimensions: 110 x 208cm

Signed by Artist


Born in Singapore and was domiciled in Bali, Anthony is today hailed as a Southeast Asian Painter. His paintings are beginning to be discovered and sought after by numerous private collectors.


Despite having no formal training in art, this self-taught talented artist has produced a variety of paintings in acrylic and oil with a distinctive style and richness.


His works not only reflect his inspiration and involvement with nature but also his ability to observe, interpret and express a wide range of subjects.


In oil, he combines daring bold colours with masterly strokes from his palette knife, showing striking results with his venture into all kinds of possibilities.


His paintings exude a sensuous experience in line, shape, space, texture and color with a clever manipulation of all these elements. The themes can range from people racing on horses to working in harvest field on a breezy day to quiet landscape paintings like lily pond and lotus pond. His paintings are out of imagination and no one piece is repeated. Anthony's Indonesian influence can be seen in his use of vibrant colors and vivid imagination of flowers and birds almost caught in the act.


He has been invited to paint for Dubai's Prince at His Excellency's house. He has also been commissioned to paint family portraits for some of the famous bankers in Indonesia.


Numerous bankers and doctors who collected his paintings became a fan of his art works, which has a dramatic and 3-dimensional style.


Anthony David Lee passed away earlier in the year 2012 at the age of 48.




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