Lakshmi Mohanbabu: Interactions Series of Paintings

Lakshmi is a Singaporean who grew up in Kabul, Afghanistan during the 70s and 80s. She is a trained Architect (Manipal Institute of Technology) and a Fashion Designer (National Institute of Fashion

Technology, New Delhi). She has taught fashion design, illustration, design and history at Lasalle School of the Arts and at NIFT- Delhi.

She has illustrated books and manuals on disability for VHAI (Voluntary Health Association of India) and WHO (World Health Organization).

During the significant time she has spent in Europe and the Asia Pacific she has studied art, architecture, jewelry and design, which has enabled her to incorporate cross-cultural elements in her works. She has a passion for art, not restricting herself to painting but indulging in all aspects of design. She has a plethora of work in various mediums such as Pen and Ink, Pencil color, Charcoal, Acrylic and Watercolor. The paintings are based on the concept of the Yin–Yang, The Yin and Yang of Geometry. Each painting is divided by a single continuous line starting and ending at the same point, dividing a square in two sections representing male

and female, creating an illusion of a complex set of patterns, a mandala.